Giving a Voice to Those That Are Trying to Make The World a Better Place!

For All of US

Our Mission

The Marketing Foundation gives a voice, support, and influence to organizations, companies and people that are helping to make our world a better place.

How We Help

We provide expert assistance with marketing to give your organization a bigger voice and, as a result, the influence you need to change the world!

Why We Help

Our highly skilled team members want to make a difference in the world. The best way we can help the most people is by empowering you and your organization!

What To Expect

Contact us if you need help. We’ll determine how our marketing acumen can help your organization reach more people and do more good.

Smart Team, Shared Vision

Here at the Marketing Foundation, it’s all about paying it forward. Every one of our team members has a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience, and a strong commitment to making a difference. We will do anything in our power to help you impact the greater good. 

” I just want to take all that we’ve been given and pay it forward to those wanting to do good in the world!  “

- Richard Scheufler

Founder, Marketing Foundation

Current Projects

These are a few of the organization that we have had the privilege of helping!

It is because of these companies that the world has been able to be made better everyday.

If you have an idea we can help you with, or an organization you already run, contact us today! 

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