NFT Artist Boost Initiative


Introducing the NFT Artist Boost Initiative

Artists shape everything around us, from our phones, cars and fashion to much of the entertainment we watch. This program supports NFT artists with advising and marketing services to help them break through and level up.

Richard Scheufler, also known as digital artist Free-HY and founder of the Marketing Foundation has been creating music and art for over 20 years. Richard created the Marketing Foundation to provide marketing services and support to those that are striving to make our world better.

I love the Web3 space, After spending 20 years as a marketer in Web2, Web3 and NFTs has been invigorating. From the next-level experience and community to the art and events, nothing compares. I’m confident that this is the future, I’m all in and my collection validates this – I HODL. Through the NFT Art Gallery and the Marketing Foundation, I hope to use my skills to help amplify the pace at which Web3 and the NFT space blasts through to the next level and beyond. I believe that the greatest source of happiness come from helping others. This is what I’m focused on.

Richard Scheufler, aka Free-HY

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10% of proceeds from Free-Hy’s NFT Art sales are being donated to the NFT Artist Boost Initiative.

Proven Experience

Our extensive NFT collection, relationships, and experience in Web3 have earned us deep alpha to provide a for-collector-by-collector feel and next-level HODLNOMICs. Over the last 25 years, we’ve perfected a data-driven marketing system that has yielded proven and predictable results for businesses in a diverse range of industries.

We got our start in Web3 marketing in 2017, advising and marketing promising ICO and blockchain projects. Being a part of the evolution of Web3 has been incredible.

We relish the adventure of helping you break through and level up.